Trainings and Presentations We Offer

OutFront can offer an individualized training series for your group or a one time training ranging from one hour to a full day centered on LGBTQ+ experiences.

All of our trainings require at least one full hour.

General Trainings:

  • Introduction to LGBTQ Issues
  • Trans Ally Training 
  • LGBTQ+ Identities and Language
  • The Personal Experience of Being LGBTQ
  • LGBTQ Communities: Oppression and Its Impact
  • Legal Issues for LGBTQ People and Families
  • Hate and Bias Crimes on LGBTQ People


  • LGBTQ Issues in the Workplace
  • LGBTQ Inclusion in the Workplace: Allyship 101
  • LGBTQ Inclusion: Best Practices in Your Field

PreK-12 Youth, Schools, and Educators:

  • LGBTQ+ 101 & Intersectional Equity
  • Evidence Based Strategies for Improving School Climate
  • GSAs: Just Getting Started

Gender and Sexuality Alliances:

  • Introduction to Gender and Trans Issues
  • Beyond the Gender Basics
  • Intersections of Identity
  • Coming Out
  • Healthy Relationships
  • De-escalation Strategies

Colleges and Universities:

  • LGBTQ Inclusion on Campus
  • LGBTQ Youth & Young Adults
  • Organizing Training for Campuses

Social Service Providers:

  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in the LGBTQ community
  • LGBTQ Issues in Providing Social Services
  • LGBTQ Inclusion: Best Practices for Victim Service Providers

Faith Groups:

  • LGBTQ Issues in a Faith Community

Organizing and Policy Trainings:

  • How to Start or Grow an LGBTQ or Allied Organization
  • Conversion Therapy Panel
  • LGBTQ Health Disparities and Policy Advancements
  • LGBTQ Public Policy and Current Political Issues
  • The State LGBTQ Minnesota: OutFront and Policy Work
  • Structural Oppression: Master’s House Intersectional Analysis
  • Fundraising for Grassroots Organizers
  • Power For Change
  • Nonviolent Direct Action Planning and Roles
  • One to One visits

We can also customize additional trainings tailor-made for your specific needs.

***We are committed to making our trainings accessible to your group. We can provide ASL interpretation, run trainings in multiple languages, and provide other accommodations. When you submit your training request, please let us know any accommodations you'd like to request.***

Training Costs Sliding Scale

OutFront's custom programs are offered on a sliding scale to assure greatest accessibility. Our base hourly rates per facilitator range from $100 for small and emerging groups to $1,000 for large corporations. We estimate an additional $100 - $1500 for travel, meals, lodging, or supplies depending on your location.

We also offer consultation services on a sliding scale of $50-$250/hour. These consultation services can include training follow-up, policy development, and HR services.

For a customized training quotation for your group, please fill out a training request form below.

To Request a Session

To request a training or workshop for your group, fill out a training request form below at least one month in advance of your training. You'll be contacted by an OutFront Minnesota staff member within three weeks to discuss more details about your education or training needs.

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If you are a Pre-K-12 educator or educational leader, please use this form to request more info about a training or workshop.

Use this form to request a training for faith leaders, congregations, or other faith spaces.

Is your business, agency, organization, college or community group interested in a training or workshop?

I thought it was the most interesting class that I have been to. I learned so much. I think the class time could have been longer so we could have touched on more topics. Thank you for helping me and my co-workers.

Workplace Training, Medical Center

I liked how the speaker treated everyone with respect. Even those opposed to him. This was helpful to see, so I could learn how to talk to others here that may not be supportive of our GLBT clients.

Workplace Training, Social Service Provider

I think the speaker from OutFront Minnesota was very effective at being professional and personal- a great balance. Helped me to better understand how complicated these issues really are.

Workplace Training, Corporate Office

I felt that the speaker was very positive, interactive, and supportive of comments made by attendees.

Place of Worship Training