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Lobby Day 2015

It was a Powerful LGBTQ Lobby Day

Lobby Day - Andrea Jenkins


Lobby Day - Crowd


Lobby Day - BLM Action

Hundreds of LGBTQ activists, allies and artists turned out for our Lobby Day. They came to the Capitol, with their family members and friends, to speak out against the anti-trans bathroom surveillance amendments and make their voices heard to expand transgender health care coverage for MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance.

Many of the people who attended identify as transgender; and we believe this is the largest-known, unified group of transgender people to have visited the Capitol on a single day.

Click here to watch video of the action recorded by David Montgomery of the Pioneer Press.

Click here to check out photos from the day.

  • About 150 students and adults participated in workshops, held at Education Minnesota, which focused on LGBTQ youth, trans justice and racial justice.
  • Hundreds of supporters of LGBTQ equity visited legislators to talk about issues that matter to them.
  • More than 100 supporters took part in a joint action, led by Black Lives Matter and OutFront, and delivered demands from people living at the intersections of transphobia and racism to House Speaker Kurt Daudt’s office. (See the video below.)
  • More than 400 people attended the Lobby Day Rally on the Capitol Lawn at noon.

A special thank you and shout out to everyone who performed or spoke at the rally: Kye Allums, Andrea Jenkins, Adja Gildersleeve & Mica Grimm on behalf of Black Lives Matter, Pastor Danny Givens, Holly & Linda Montemayor, Tracy from Greater MN with her friend Jolien, Elise Coffin & Braden McDougall, Sankophoenix, One Voice Mixed Chorus and OutFront's own Roxanne Anderson and Monica Meyer! We are excited about how supporters of LGBTQ equity, trans justice and racial justice came together at Lobby Day — and we look forward to continuing to work together to advance these social movements!

Join Us on Thursday, April 30

We're Here. We're Queer. And this is our day to share our stories with legislators. Let's talk about the intersections of LGBTQ equity, racial justice and economic justice. Let's talk about issues that matter to us and speak out against legislation that discriminates against LGBTQ people.

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We are excited to announce that our guest speaker at the LGBTQ Lobby Day Rally, Thursday, April 30 will be Kye Allums. They are a 25-year-old, queer fluid, trans artist and athlete. In 2011, Kye graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from The George Washington University (GW). During Kye’s time at GW, they also played Division I basketball for the women’s team. In 2010, Kye publicly came out and became the first Division I openly transgender athlete in NCAA history. Today, Kye continues to focus on LGBTQ activism through art, and athletics.

Kye is a proud member of the Brown Boi Project; they are on the All Star board for Go! Athletes, and also on this year’s 100 to watch list for the National Black Justice Coalition.


Kye Allums

Kye Allums


We'll kick off the rally with music by members of One Voice Mixed Chorus and Sankophoenix!

One Voice Mixed Chorus is the largest LGBT mixed choir, based right here in Minnesota. They are recognized internationally for using music to advocate for LGBT rights through concerts, work in schools, and performing in diverse communities.

Sankophoenix is a song writer and vocalist,who embodies the vibrancy and richness of jazz, sincerity of neo-soul and depth of classical. Having graced the stages of The Dakota, Cedar Cultural Center, Bedlam Lowertown, and more, Sankophoenix encourages all to follow their dreams and speak their truth...even when their voices shake.



Show Up & Make Your Voice Heard! Together, we are building our community and strengthening our intersectional movements for social change.

  • 9am -11am: Attend workshops at our Lobby Day Institute, which is being held at Education Minnesota (located right behind the Capitol). Lobby Day Institute - Workshops from 9am until 11am
  • 11am: In solidarity with Black Lives Matter, OutFront will hold a gathering for supporters on the Capitol steps to deliver stories and demands to legislative leaders from people living at the intersections of racism and transphobia.
  • 12 noon: Music - Rally - Food Trucks - LGBTQ & Progressive Organizations! Guest speaker Kye Allums.
  • 1:30-4:30pm: Meet your legislators

Invite your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and members of your faith community.

Lobby Day Institute - Workshops from 9am until Noon at Education Minnesota (located right behind the Capitol)

9am -9:50am : School Push-Out: From Sitting Alone at Lunch to Being Expelled
This workshop, for youth, organizers and supporters of safe schools, will explore the intersections of queerphobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, mental health and autism. Students and educators will share personal stories about how these issues impact school climate and student achievement. Discussion will also focus on what we can do to change this.

9am – 9:50am: Creating Safe Spaces for Transgender People
A panel discussion about how we can make schools, businesses and faith communities more welcoming to transgender folks.

10am – 10:50am: Black Lives Matter & the Movement for LGBTQ Equity
In solidarity with Black Lives Matter, OutFront will be holding a gathering for supporters on the Capitol steps at 11am to deliver stories and demands to legislative leaders from people living at the intersections of racism and transphobia. This workshop will talk about the intersections of identity and provide context for the action. Open to allies.

10am – 10:50am: Trans Meet Up
At this meet up/caucus for trans identified people, discussion will focus on forming our own political and social agendas. Please note: this space is intended specifically for trans and gender non-conforming folks.

10am-10:50am: What is School Really Like for LGB Students?
In 2014, for the first time, the Minnesota Student Survey included questions about sexual orientation (note: not gender identity — this is coming!). The survey results tell a powerful story, and can be used to not only generally illustrate the experience of many LGB students, but to reinforce the value of anti-bullying policies and GSAs. Led by Rainbow Health Initiative.

Sign up now. To volunteer, email Sara Cassidy.

Connect with LGBTQ Folks, Allies & Progressive Minnesotans - Table at Lobby Day!

OutFront’s Lobby Day is a great way to reach progressive Minnesotans, including LGBTQ community members and allies. Promote your organization’s great work from 10:30am - 3:00pm. Tables cost $50. To sign up, outfront.wufoo.com/forms/lgbtq-lobby-day-2015/ For more information, contact Sabrina Mauritz.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lobby Day

Lunch, transit and parking

  • Lunch: bring your own, buy it from a food truck or visit the Capitol cafeteria.
  • Detailed information about transit and parking options is on the Capitol website. (The Green Line stops right next to the Capitol.)
  • For participants arriving before 10am to attend the Lobby Day Institute. Just pick up a permit at registration.
  • Pay parking is available at several locations near the Capitol, generally at $1.75/hour or $7/day. Click here for a map of parking lots in the Capitol area (they are in yellow on the map).
  • For additional information about visiting the Capitol, click here.

When should I arrive and where do I go?
When you arrive is up to you. You are welcome to participate in as much of the day as works for you.

  • From 9am-10:50am, all activities are at Education Minnesota, just across the street and North of the Capitol.
  • From 11am on, all activities originate on the Capitol lawn and the front steps.

What happens with the legislative visits?
If you want to meet with your legislators, please register so we can set up appointments for you. (FYI: There are two people in the legislature who represent you: your House Representative and your Senator.) Immediately following the rally (around 1pm), everyone who wants to meet with their legislators will be paired up with others from their district and their lobby coach. Together, you will review your appointment times and plan your visits. When it's time for your meetings, your lobby coach will escort you to meet with your legislators. After you're done with both visits, your lobby coach will lead you in a debrief so that we know how it went. Our goal is that you are fully supported!

What do I do between activities or visits?
If there are parts of the day that you'd like to sit out of, or if you are waiting for your appointments with legislators, several LGBTQ and progressive groups are going to be tabling on the Capitol lawn and they would love to talk to you! You're also welcome to just hang out with volunteers and other attendees who are taking it easy. It's our day at the Capitol, make yourself at home!