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You Did Great at the Caucuses!

Chris Stinson, Organizing Director | January 30, 2012

Thanks to you the precinct caucuses were a tremendous success! Really—thank you.

Together we passed resolutions and elected delegates in every corner of our state. In spite of the anti-equality surge in one presidential caucus contest, pro-equality delegates were elected and passed resolutions at a number of caucuses. I know this because I have heard from a few of you but not everyone. Please email me and let me know about your experience.

I was checking my email while walking home from my precinct caucus (Minneapolis 7-10, DFL) and there were already more than one hundred unread messages from you all in my inbox and they just kept coming. This was one of the many that I found inspiring, from AJ in Brainerd:

I am in the 8th Congressional District (depending on redistricting lines) and in legislative district 12A, Brainerd (Gazelka is my senator: Ugh).

I attended my first DFL caucus, became the precinct chair, and will be attending both the candidate endorsement convention and the next level county-wide convention as a delegate.

Up in Brainerd, we are in MN nice land. Meaning, people will take a resolution and be nice, but that's not necessarily how they feel.

A couple DFL veterans helped me select what they thought were the three resolutions (too many apparently try people's patience) with the best chances of passing.

I made copies directly from the OutFront guide of the resolutions opposing the amendment, support for a pro-equality marriage law, and allowing local governments to establish domestic partnerships. I passed these resolutions out to every precinct table and asked individuals from each table to carry the resolution for that precinct (all the DFL precincts met in the local high school cafeteria, so we were able to campaign a little and get people outside our specific precincts to support the resolutions.)

I'm a teacher in a very conservative school district, where being "out" is not encouraged by our administration -- a bit don't ask don't tell. So tonight was a huge step for me, as I went from table to table asking people to support this resolution, running occasionally into parents of students, etc. Overall it was a pretty empowering experience, with most people saying "of course" they would take it up. It also helped that there were straight allies working the doors before I even arrived, passing around signup sheets to get involved with MN United.

There were only a handful of tables that would not take my resolutions. I don't have the final count on how many precinct tables supported our resolutions, but I know of at least 4 precincts that passed them unanimously, including mine.

Looking forward to attending the county-wide convention as a delegate. I wish I'd have known there was the opportunity for really talking w people. I mean, really talking about the amendment. I didn't do as much of that as I wanted to, because I was busy trying to hit up all the precinct tables with the resolutions, and so my conversations were brief. However, I am planning to arrive early and stay late at the county-wide convention. And I'll be sharing my story with as many people as I can!

I'm not certain why AJ said, "Gazelka is my senator: Ugh", but I know that Gazelka's wife handed out conversion therapy brochures to the kids who visited his office on OutFront's Lobby Day. Folks like Gazelka are just the beginning of the challenge at Capitol.

I'd like to set up a series of regional strategy calls for early March (shortly after the new district lines come out) so that we can discuss how best to leverage this energy and power to make sure that the next legislature supports equality. First I need to hear from you.


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